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New Single "Oklahoma Skies" OUT NOW

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Aaron Ray Vaughan "SPARKS"

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Our lives are a record filled with one hit wonders.


 Aaron Ray Vaughan

The Artist & The Man

The former lead singer of Christian Alt.-Country band, NewKings, for over ten years, Aaron Ray Vaughan is an independent, Oklahoma & Nashville recording artist who has rocked stages from England, to Montana, to West Virginia and all across the Midwest, and Texas. He started writing and singing for others at the age of 8 when his mother handed him his first guitar and taught him three chords, and he ain't slowed down since. He is currently working on the follow up to his debut solo album "Sparks" which features his gritty, Oklahoma roots-style vocals, over a red dirt infused country sound. Aaron has been blessed to work with major industry producers, musicians, and artists, across many genres, always learning and appreciating the journey. His sound is more raw than polished, and growls with the passion evident throughout his music. 
A U.S. Army Infantry veteran, a God fearing husband, and father all make up who Aaron is aside from the music. He is constantly working to be "better tomorrow" than he "was today" in all aspects of his life. His appreciation for all that God has given him will never go unnoticed, and if your a fan of his music, you will feel that very notion. Aiming to share his heart for what matters most to him, Aaron will always emphasize who he is and where he comes from throughout his music. He will always strive to share his joy and passion with others through his gifts, so stay tuned and let's all enjoy the ride together!

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